Website Marketing – First Steps

Creating an internet presence for your business website is a requirement for success, most people don’t realize building a website does not automatically guarantee customers will find you online.  The competition is enormous and continues to grow at a fast pace.  Listed below is an outline of the necessary first steps to take once your website has been built, this will ensure your website has the building blocks necessary to gain exposure in local and global markets.

What about SEO

Websites built without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind will most likely cause more work later down the road.  It’s up to you to make sure whoever is building your website incorporates at the very least the basic SEO white hat tactics.

Learn about SEO, what it is, what it does and why it’s necessary.

Website Marketing – First Steps

Create a Google Email Account Gmail – Google Email Account
Create a Google Analytics Account Google Analytics
Set up Analytics Account Add website domain (URL) to obtain analytic code
Create Google Webmaster Tools Account Google Search Console Account 
Set up Google Webmaster Tools – Console Add website domain (URL)
Create a Web-Site Map Google Website Map Creator
Add Site Map to Webmaster Tools Console Upload Site Map to Console – Make sure it’s approved
Create a Google Ads Account Google Ads (Formerly Ad Words) (For advertising)
Create Google Ad Sense Account Google Ad Sense (Not required, only to monetize site)
Create a Google Business Account Google Business Account


Once the above steps are completed you will have the basic tools in place to analyze and promote your website.

  • Google Analytics provides tools to measure the traffic and other statistics such as keyword usage, searches, visitors, most popular pages and more.
  • The Search Console alerts you of errors that may affect the website ranking.
  • The Site Map provides Google’s Search Engine a list of pages to index from your website.
  • Google Ad Words is used to advertise and promote your website.  Keywords are used via (PPC or Pay Per Click), allowing you to pay for exposure on Google’s Search Engine.
  • Google Ad Sense is optional for those who are interested in monetizing the site by displaying google ads.
  • Google Business is required for local listings on Google Maps and Local Searches.  Postcard verification is required.

In addition to the above, there are many additional options, such as the Bing and Yahoo Search engines,  as well as many many directory listings.   You will need to define your target audience, is it local, national or global?

The above as mentioned are only the first steps to take, which are necessary when getting started.

If the above seems daunting and time-consuming, we have been working on websites, developing, hosting, designing and promoting for over 20 years.  Our company is part of Internet Concepts Unlimited, a Website Hosting, Design, and Marketing Company we are available to provide the above services for a minimal fee of only $125.00.

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